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Terms and Conditions


1. Registration

  1. Private candidates registering online will only be enrolled with Cambridge once payment has been confirmed by the centre. Payment must be made by the closing date listed on the website. Late entries may be accepted so please email the centre to check on availability.
  2. Preparation Centres must submit their entries to SOCE on the spreadsheet provided by the closing date. A charge of £10 will be made for any late entries. An invoice will be sent to the Preparation Centre and payment must be made within 7 days of receipt.
  3. The closing dates for all exams during the year can be found on the website. All closing dates are provisional and subject to amendment.
  4. Examination fees are subject to change where necessary.
  5. Cambridge rules state that a minimum of 4 candidates are required for any exam session to take place. SOCE will inform private candidates and Preparation Centres if the exam has been cancelled and a refund will be provided.
  6. If a candidate has a learning or physical disability they must inform the centre in writing at least two weeks before the closing date. They must provide a formal medical letter in English dated not longer than two years ago outlining their condition. The centre will inform Cambridge an appropriate arrangements will be made.

2. Timetable and Exam Information

  1. SOCE will send all candidates and Preparation Centres a Confirmation Of Entry by email which will list the exam dates, times and address of the exam venue/s. They will also receive maps to the venues and two Cambridge documents, Cambridge ESOL Regulations and a Notice to Candidates. It is important that all documents are carefully read before the day of the exam.

3.Test day photographs

  1. Candidates who enrol for one of the Cambridge examinations are required to have their photograph taken on the day of the oral/written exam. If they do not consent to having their photograph taken they will not be able to take the exams and will have a ‘Fail’ grade. Candidates agree for this photograph to be held on the secure Cambridge ESOL Results Verification website. The photograph will only be available to organisations/individuals that the candidate gives their details to or who the candidate authorises to view their results via a download.
  2. If the candidates is 18 years or over they can sign the Photograph consent form.
  3. If the candidate is 17 years of under their parent or guardian must sign the Photograph consent form.

4. Day of the Exam

  1. Candidates must arrive at the venue no later than the time indicated on the Confirmation of Entry. If they are late for any reason they will not be admitted into the exam venue. If they do not attend every part of the exam they will obtain a ‘Fail’ grade
  2. It is the candidates responsibility to visit or look up the exam venue and plan how they will travel so as to avoid any delays.
  3. Candidates must bring to each exam all documents sent by the centre along with an approved form of identification such as a passport. Failure to do so may result in the candidate not being allowed to take the exam.
  4. Candidates must bring a pen/pencil to the written papers.
  5. Candidates may bring a bottle of water to the exams but it must be in a clear bottle and the label removed.
  6. The times listed on the Confirmation of Entry are approximations only. Delays can and do occur on the day of the exam. It is advisable that candidates keep the day of the written papers free as the centre cannot guarantee when the exams will finish.

5. Results

  1. Results are available on the Cambridge website approximately 4-6 weeks after the exam.
  2. Details on how to access the results are available on the Confirmation of Entry.
  3. Preparations will be given log on details to access their candidates results online.

6. Certificates

  1. Cambridge certificates are sent to the centre approximately 4-6 weeks after the results. The centre will contact any private candidates to confirm the address they would like it sent to. Preparation Centres will be sent the certificates by the centre and must then forward them on to their candidates by the safest method possible. It is important that they retain a copy of the postage receipt.

7. Exam fee refunds

  1. When a candidate registers online and pays the examination fee they will be enrolled at Cambridge. After the closing date examination fees are non refundable and non transferable.
  2. If a candidate wishes to cancel their registration before the closing date then SOCE will refund their examination fee.
  3. If a candidate is late for an exam or travels to the wrong exam venue they will not be given a refund.
  4. If a candidate has a medical reason for missing an exam or for compassionate reasons then they must inform the centre in writing not more than five days after the examination takes place. SOCE will inform Cambridge and a refund may be given.
  5. If an examination session is cancelled due to insufficient numbers then a refund will be given.


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